The Spectator 
Tony Hawks' outstanding gift is as a tunesmith. The melodies he writes are constantly moving in strange directions and yet they always feel right in the end. His harmonies are as deft and complex as Noel Gallagher’s.' 
'Edward Lidster's design is gorgeous, especially some farmhand paraphernalia suspended from the ceiling, silhouetted by Ben Jacobs' atmospheric, dazzling lighting. There's also a couple of stellar performances from James Thackeray as a young country music lover Dan and Georgina Field as an eccentric, Swindon-loving ukulele player Penny'
Isington Gazette & Hackney Gazette
'A delightful story line, excellent acting and enjoyable music made us actually care what happens to the SCWC. The audience, both young and old, left the Pleasance with a smile.'
'Star of the show is Georgina Field as Penny, an ebullient ball-of-fire .... a great singer with a real understanding of the Country and Western genre, complimented by an earthy musicality and emotional depth in her renditions ... brilliant set design by Edward Lidster by the way. Country and Western aficionados will love the show.'
‘Infectiously lovable new musical ... a lovely little show with the feel-good factor'
Theatre Weekly
‘The songs, all country and western of course, are exceptionally good.There are those comedy numbers, ‘Big Willie’ being one which delighted audiences, but there are also plenty of those classic tunes rooted in folk, that makes the soundtrack sound like a fully formed Country and Western album that would fly off the shelves.'
London Theatre Reviews
This feel-good production certainly ticks all the right boxes’
From Page To Stage
‘Midlife Cowboy is infectious and entertaining, with a brilliant soundtrack to boot. The music is where the show excels, the soundtrack a worthy contender for the country music charts. From the ballads such as ‘I Wanna Be Good For You’ and ‘I Don’t Even Know Your Name’ to the more uptempo ‘Cowboy With Confidence,’ the songs are sure to appeal to any Country and Western enthusiast, while the tongue in cheek tunes ‘Big Willie’ and ‘It’s great to be Swindon Bound’ are a touch of genius – who knew a song about the delights of Swindon could be so entertaining?!'
The Reviews Hub
'James Thackeray is the standout as Dan giving a vocal performance that is full of country twang and feeling.'
Everything Theatre
'Georgina Field steals the show from the moment she barges through the saloon doors as the overexcited hairdresser, Penny. Her ode to Swindon, performed on the ukulele and complete with a questionable dance routine generates the biggest laughter and loudest applause of the night and shows that Hawks can write great comic numbers.'
Camden New Journal
'Country and Western fans will love the show which is also feel-good family entertainment.'
'A feel-good musical that has catchy numbers which you will be singing as you leave (and after!) with the cast taking you on a journey of emotions and laughs against the backdrop of Country and Western but dealing with issues that we all may encounter. Great show.'